You did it again, Indivisible Ferndale!

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A big “thank you” to all of you who joined us at Ferndale City Hall this past Sunday.   Over 50 of you filled the lounge and overflowed into the other rooms.   Special thanks to those who joined us for the first time!   Welcome to Indivisible Ferndale!

The “Common Good” is strong in Indivisible Ferndale

During our meeting, I introduced our new goal for 2019: Identify and participate in “Common Good” opportunities.   I have decided to use the term “common good” since it is the legal responsibility of a 501(c)(4) nonprofit to contribute 50% of its revenue to common good/social welfare activities.  I also believe that giving our time, effort and dollars in support of our community is what we are all about.

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First, we discovered a new program sponsored through the College of the Redwoods Foundation that has identified students who are without adequate housing and regular meals.   Indivisible Ferndale raised over $3000 to fund the housing and meal costs for one and half full time students.   Indivisible Ferndale is now listed on CR’s website as a supporter.

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Next, we discovered that 250 furloughed local Coast Guard members and their families had been financially hurt by the Trump administration’s government shutdown.   The City of Eureka took the lead on collecting charitable donations through a campaign to assist the local Coast Guard members.  This fundraising campaign has already raised already raised over $14,000!   That number just increased by $700 exceeding the goal of $15,000 thanks to YOU, Indivisible Ferndale!

Right after I posted our contribution to the go-fund-me website, I received this email:

“Wow, that was great. I just checked the Coast Guard go-fund-me page and I see you are the folks who sent it over the desired (revised desired) goal. Thank you so much. So many of us kicked in to support our valued Coast Guard. No need to reply – just wanted to say “thanks”.

“Common good” and “good will” go hand in hand.

This who We are, Indivisible Ferndale!

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