The Common Good: Support for our US Coast Guard

First, this will be the last reminder that Indivisible Ferndale is holding a general meeting tomorrow:

  • Date: Sunday, January 27
  • Time: 3 to 5 pm
  • Location: Ferndale City Hall
  • What to bring: an appetizer and/or a bottle of wine to share.

Join us for our second anniversary, review our 2018 accomplishments and learn about our 2019 Goals and Objectives.  We hope to see you tomorrow.

Support the common good in our community

At tomorrow’s meeting, we will be reviewing Indivisible Ferndale’s 2019 Goals and Objectives.   These goals and objectives were developed by IF’s steering committee which is composed of the our committee leads.

During the steering committee meeting, I introduced our new goal for 2019: Identify and participate in “Common Good” opportunities.   I have decided to use the term “common good” since it is the legal responsibility of a 501(c)(4) nonprofit to contribute 50% of its revenue to common good/social welfare activities.

We have already supported a common good activity in December by raising over $3000 for the CR Room and Board Scholarship (even though that donation was not managed through the nonprofit).

I have introduced a new common good opportunity to the steering committee and our nonprofit board and it was unanimously approved.

Here’s the opportunity: Even with yesterday’s breaking news that the government shutdown has temporarily ended, there are still 250 furloughed local Coast Guard members and their families who have been hurt by the Trump administration’s actions over the last 35 days.   The City of Eureka has taken the lead on collecting charitable donations through a campaign to assist the local Coast Guard members.  This fundraising campaign has already raised already raised over $14,000!

You can read a North Coast Journal story about this program here.

ACTION: I would like you to make a donation in support of our local USCG members and their families at our meeting tomorrow.  Checks can be made payable to “Indivisible Ferndale.”  Indivisible Ferndale will match your donation to this campaign up to $100 in total IF contributions.    I will deliver our combined contributions as one donation from Indivisible Ferndale.

This is who We are, Indivisible Ferndale!

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