This just in . . . Jared cancels and Kamala is running

Rep. Huffman cancels his Town Hall in Eureka

Rep. Jared Huffman has canceled his Town Hall for this Thursday, January 24 in Eureka.  The statement reads “Due to the continuing government shutdown, I will stay in Washington D.C. next week to vote on new legislation to reopen and fund most federal agencies as we continue to try to end the ongoing shutdown. Please stay tuned for a new date.”

Thank you, Vicki, for giving us the “heads up.”

Senator Harris is running for President

Our U.S. Senator, Kamala Harris, announced today that she is running for president in 2020.   Senator Harris made the announcement on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”  She will be kicking off her campaign next Sunday in her hometown of Oakland, California.

To find out more information, go to the:

Last, but not least . . . Please RSVP

Indivisible Ferndale General Meeting

If you haven’t done so already, Please RSVP here.

Join us for our second anniversary, review our 2018 accomplishments and learn about our 2019 Goals and Objectives.


Date: Sunday, January 27

Time: 3 to 5 pm

Location: Ferndale City Hall Lounge

What to bring: an appetizer and a bottle of wine or beer to share!



Together, We are Indivisible Ferndale!


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1 Response to This just in . . . Jared cancels and Kamala is running

  1. Martin Monroe says:

    Jared’s true colors shining clear.


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