Have a Happy Holiday and New Year!

You’ve all heard the old adage “You can’t trust anything a politician says or promises.”  Well, Stephen Avis told me that the Ferndale City Council meeting would be really short and then we could party.   Sounded good, right?  Over an hour and half later, we finally had our celebration.

Thank you to over 40 Indivisible Ferndale members who were present when IF members, Robin Smith, Stephen Avis (new council members) and Michael Sweeney (new mayor) were sworn in last night.   Thank you for the standing ovation for outgoing mayor, Don Hindley, for his commitment to the Ferndale community during his tenure.   IF member, Patrick O’Rourke and Jennifer Fisk-Becker will continue their participation on the council.

Thank you for the standing ovation for Caroline Titus, Ferndale Enterprise editor, who has continued the tradition of reporting and publishing the weekly newspaper for a total of 140 years!   Today’s edition was the 1,052 edition under her ownership.

View photos from last night’s council meeting here.

National Indivisible is planning a January 3rd event

As you’ve probably heard, there is a National Day of Action (DOA) coming up on Jan 3! On this day, we will celebrate our victories in the midterms and let our Member of Congress  (MoCs) know that we haven’t gone anywhere since Nov. 6 – if they’re with us we have their backs, and if they’re not we will hold them to account!

Our MoCs are Congressperson, Jared Huffman and Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris.  We are fortunate to have great representatives in high places.

Indivisible Ferndale’s steering committee which includes Karen Burkhardt, Jeanne Akamine, Jackie Cory, Lydia DeZordo, Stephen Avis and I will be meeting on January 3 to review our 2018 goals/objectives and formulate our 2019 goals/objectives.  We will present this information at a second anniversary meeting in January.

View National Indivisible’s 2019 documents here:

Indivisible on Offense

Indivisible Empowering States to Resist

In the meantime, you can support Indivisible’s January 3rd event by writing a postcard to each of our MoCs and thanking them for their support of our values.   View their DC mailing addresses here.

Together, We are Indivisible Ferndale!





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One Response to Have a Happy Holiday and New Year!

  1. Ann M. Barbata says:

    I will highly recommend Amy Goodman’s 12/21 interview with Andrew Bacevich about Mad Dog Maddis’s resignation. Very well thought out, and raises several important issues.


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