A BIG Thank you from the CR Foundation

CR student housing directly behind the Administrative Offices

I drove over to the College of the Redwoods today to personally deliver a “bunch of checks”  from Indivisible Ferndale members to Marty Coelho, Executive Director of the CR Foundation.  The checks were the donations that many of you made to the “Redwoods Room and Board Scholarship Fund.”   This program will provide a dorm room and meals for a full time CR student who is experiencing “housing insecurity.”  Indivisible Ferndale members donated:

  • $1325 in personal checks
  • $298 in cash from our donation jar
  • $1500 from Barb and I in matching funds
  • $3,123 in total!

As I handed over the checks, Keith Flamer, CR President, dropped in.   Both Keith and Marty thanked Indivisible Ferndale members for their generosity.   Marty told me that our combined funds will support 1.5 homeless students for the spring semester.

Ferndale City Council meeting tomorrow night

  • Date: Wednesday, December 19
  • Time: 7 pm. Please be prompt for the Oath of Office ceremony.
  • Location: Ferndale City Hall

The council meeting will be short and followed by a reception in the lounge area.  Please attend this meeting and show your appreciation for the outgoing and the incoming council members and mayor.   Bring a light snack or dessert to share.

ADEM Voting Support

Stuart would like your support on the following California Democratic Party issue.

Every two years, the California Democratic Party (CDP) holds state-wide elections in a process called Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs). These are important Democratic Party elections where 1/3 of all delegates are elected to two-year terms to conduct the business of the CDP. There is no vote by mail or proxy voting in these elections. In recent years, more and more grassroots activists have joined the “inside” fight, running to become delegates so that they might one day see a party that supports progressive issues.

Debra Broner, regional director of the assembly district AD 02, has decided to eliminate the physical election site available for the rural voters of Northern California. She has designated only one polling station — Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County — at the farthest southern edge of this vast district! However, more than 50% of registered Democrats in AD 02 live outside that county.  Stuart is asking for your help to reverse this decision.

The Assembly District 2 Election Meeting will be held on:

  • Date: Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • Time: 10 am to 1 pm
  • Location: Old Fellows Hall in Santa Rosa

If you are a registered Democrat and can attend the ADEM meeting, please let Stuart know via email.  View an event flyer here.

If you can not attend the meeting,
You can help by clicking here and signing a petition.

Together, We are Indivisible Ferndale!   See you tomorrow night at City Hall!




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One Response to A BIG Thank you from the CR Foundation

  1. Steven Bradford says:

    john, Barb,

    Very generous of you two to match the funds that everyone donated. A good cause!



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