A Time for Giving . . .

These are the alarming statistics I heard this past Thursday at a fundraising luncheon for the Redwoods Room and Board Scholarship Fund regarding the CR student body:

  • In Fall of 2018, over one hundred CR students self-identified as facing housing insecurity.
  • In the last month, 11% of the CR students that applied for fall scholarships 
(49 out of 430) identified themselves as homeless or housing insecure.
  • CR students report that they are living in their vehicles, moving from sofa to sofa, and some are even camping in the redwoods behind the College.
  • There is a significant number of CR students not getting enough to eat. The CR Food Pantry is already serving over 150+ students a week.

The program’s mission is to provide a room in the CR Residence Halls including a meal plan in the CR cafeteria for students who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.


To get more program details, view a slide set here.

To read a Times-Standard article on the program, go here.

Bottom line: Barb and I believe this program could make a difference in a CR student’s life by providing a safe place to live and regular meals.   We would like to encourage you to support this program through a donation.  For every dollar you give, we will match that dollar up to $1,000 of total Indivisible Ferndale donations!

We will have the Indivisible Ferndale donation jar on our kitchen island this Tuesday at the IF Holiday Party.  Please consider making a donation by cash or check.   Checks should be made payable to the Redwoods Room and Board Scholarship Fund.   CR Board Trustees, Bonnie Deister and Danny Kelley will be on hand to answer any questions.

Together, We are Indivisible!




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2 Responses to A Time for Giving . . .

  1. Ann M. Barbata says:

    Thanks for the information and the donation. I will get the money to you. But, a monthly donation to Food for People is a painless way to promote healthy food for our local people who are in need. Perhaps Ferndale Indivisible could list charities that really return a bang for the buck, and encourage monthly giving? Drs. Without Borders, Salvation Army, etc can really use such contributions.


  2. allisonbay says:

    Oh what a tragic story, but one also filled with hope, thanks to you. I wonder if the
    Clothes Closet can help in any way. Perhaps not, as those students might also not
    have a vehicle.
    As Susan Diehl McCarthy said during our Christmas Concert, there are children starving
    in Yemen in 2018. That is also a tragedy and it hurts deeply as does the news of
    homeless and hungry students 15 miles away from Ferndale.

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