Add these actions to your Holiday “to do” list

Here are three actions that you can do to make a difference at this time of the year.

 Action #1: Call your Members of Congress (MOCs) today!

A message from Indivisible: Another December, another government shutdown looms.

This time? Trump is demanding $5 billion for his border wall alone, plus additional funding for increased immigration enforcement, detention beds, and more agents for his deportation machine. (Read more about Trump’s attempt to use a government shutdown to advance his anti-immigrant agenda in our latest resource here.)

The latest is that Congress has negotiated a stopgap funding bill that will keep the government open until December 21 (instead of the original shutdown deadline of December 7). Though they bought themselves a few more days, stopping Trump’s irrational demand for funding a deportation force is more urgent than ever.

Senate Republicans and Democrats already agreed to $1.6 billion for the wall — but that was when Republicans controlled the House. Thanks to you (and the blue wave!), it’s a whole new ballgame.

60 votes are needed in the Senate to pass the next funding bill. That means Senate Democrats have some leverage — they must use that leverage to fight for a funding bill that has no additional funding for the wall and enforcement.

Even though Congress has bought another two weeks, they’re working around the clock to avert a shutdown by the end of the month. Congress has a choice to make, and we need to make sure that they pick the right one.

Tell your member of Congress to #DefundHate.

That means no funding for Trump’s border wall. No more funding for more detention beds. No more funding for an already out-of-control deportation force.

Call your Members of Congress and demand they reject Trump’s deportation machine and the wall. Tell them you expect a short-term CR that funds the remaining parts of the government only through the early part of the next Congress.

1. Review Script

Caller: Hello! My name is __ and I’m calling from Indivisible Ferndale. I’m calling to ask [MoC] to reject funding for Trump’s border wall and instead support a funding bill that has no new funding for the wall or enforcement.  Thank you.

2. Make the Call

  • Rep. Jared Huffman (202) 225-5161
  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (202) 224-3841
  • Sen. Kamala Harris (202) 224-3553

Action #2: Attend the CR Dorm Scholarship Program Fundraiser

A message from Dan Kelley, Trustee at College of the Redwoods

I am reaching out to you because I know you care about homelessness in our community, and may be interested in learning more about a new College of the Redwoods program. It’s designed to support local college students experiencing homelessness transition into more secure and affordable housing.

We will be hosting an informational presentation and fundraising luncheon – I can’t express how greatly we’d appreciate your presence at this event, and how beneficial it will be to current and future students struggling to find safe housing.

  • Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018 
  • Time: 12 -1:30 p.m. 
  • Location: Fortuna Women’s Club, 1531 J Street, Fortuna

The program will feature:

  • A presentation/interview with Tammy, a CR student forced to camp north of Trinidad throughout the winter (and walking an hour each day to and from the bus stop) while attending and successfully completing her education at College of the Redwoods.
  • Marty Coelho, who will give an overview of the College of the Redwoods Residence Hall Scholarship Program, designed to support students experiencing homelessness and food insecurity.

Lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP by Wednesday, December 5th to or 415.446.1690. 

Learn more about the College of the Redwoods Dorm Scholarship Program by clicking:

Action #3:  Make Your Voice Heard: Oppose the Public Charge Rule

As the news cycles focus our attention on Trump, his associates and the Mueller investigation, a new threat to immigrants is being committed below the daily white noise.  The Department of Homeland Security is planning changes to the definition of “public charge.”  At its very basic level, public charge means “someone who is dependent on the state.”  But the proposed changes to this rule could have devastating effects on the nation’s immigrant population, especially in California.

Indivisible Ferndale has an action which must be completed by December 10.

Your action:

  1. Read the two articles below from the New Yorker and the Washington Post as background.
  2. Go to this website:
  3. Submit a comment opposing this change to the Public Charge Rule by December 10.

Read the New Yorker article here.

Read the Washington Post article here.

Don’t miss the Indivisible Ferndale Holiday Party

Date: Tuesday, December 11

Time: 5:30 to 8 pm

Location: Barb and John’s home at 1095 Cream Court in Ferndale

Please RSVP here.

What to bring: an appetizer and/or a bottle of wine to share

Special Guest: Senator Mike McGuire at 6 pm

Together, We are Indivisible!

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  1. Martin Monroe says:

    So, when are the Democrats going to Impeach?


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