Nobody Is Above the Law: Mueller Protection Rapid Response


Indivisibles —

Yesterday afternoon, Attorney General Jeff Sessions “resigned” (i.e. Trump said “you’re fired”).

Let’s be clear: Jeff Sessions is not a good guy and he should not have been at the helm of the Department of Justice. He’s spent the last two years tearing down our civil rights. He enthusiastically led our federal government’s persecution of its most vulnerable and backed Trump’s white nationalist agenda.

But Trump’s decision to fire Jeff Sessions and replace him with a political hack is a brazen effort to interfere in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. No one is above the law, especially not the president of the United States. Here’s what we know:

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker is poised to replace Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in supervising the Mueller investigation. Whitaker has long advocated for limiting or completely shutting down the Mueller investigation. Publicly.

This is a clear attempt from Trump to seize control of the investigation. He’s wanted to end the Mueller investigation since Day 1 but has gotten blowback when he has publicly discussed firing, or privately ordered his subordinates to fire, Mueller.

Whitaker absolutely cannot oversee this investigation.

For months, we’ve monitored the Special Counsel’s ongoing investigation, and watched closely for how we can best protect our democracy. We promised we would let you know when there’s a crisis, or a strategic path forward: this is that moment.

This is a red line. And we must respond.

Across the country, Indivisibles (in coalition with, Demos, the ACLU, the Center for American Progress, Common Cause, and more) are mobilizing. TODAY we’ll be in the streets.

You can show your support today by attending this protest.

Date: Today, November 8
Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Humboldt State University Quad, 1 Harpst St, Arcata

We’re no longer powerless.

On Tuesday night, we flipped the balance of power in Washington. Soon, the 116th Congress must serve as a check on the Trump Administration’s abuses of power. The newly-elected Democratic House must launch obstruction of justice investigations on Day 1 of the next Congress (January 3, 2019… save that date).

Next week, we’ll launch a new Indivisible Guide to help you navigate the new Congress — with Democrats in control of one chamber. We’re hosting a national activist call on Tuesday, November 13 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT to preview the guide before we launch. RSVP for the call now. Until then, call your members of Congress and ask them to publicly call for Whitaker to recuse himself, and for an investigation into Trump’s obstruction of justice.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

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One Response to Nobody Is Above the Law: Mueller Protection Rapid Response

  1. I’m traveling out of state until this weekend, but my heart and spirit will be with you all. Thanks for continuing the advocacy at this critical time. See you all on Sunday at Indivisible Ferndale’s Congress Gone Blue & Mayor Sweeney of Ferndale Celebration!




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