Oh, What a night . . .

I really hate to dredge up depressing memories, but . . .  On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, we were ready to celebrate the first woman president of our nation when the entire election went south.   By 9:00 pm that night, Pat, Karen, Barb and I had enough.  Then we marched in January!   And then, we formed Indivisible Ferndale!  And we have NOT stopped since.

Whose House?  Our House!

We FLIPPED THE HOUSE!    222 Democrats (218 was needed) have taken control of the House.  As of this writing, two of the candidates for which we wrote thousands of postcards, Katie Hill (CA-25) and Harley Rouda (CA-48) are both leading by a two point margin (51% to 49%) in their respective races!

Read a message from Indivisible’s co-founders, Leah and Ezra, here.

And Ferndale has a NEW mayor, Michael Sweeney!

In the beginning, Michael thought a traditional campaign would not be necessary.  And then, another mayoral candidate appeared.   And then, campaign signs for this new challenger began springing up throughout our community.   We approached Michael with a plan and he agreed.


  • an anonymous donor who provided campaign signs!
  • all who wrote letters to the Ferndale Enterprise editor!
  • all who wrote postcards to EVERY voter in Ferndale (500 postcards)!
  • all who walked our neighborhoods and knocked on doors to spread the word!

Bottom line: Michael won with 70% of the vote (313 to 131)!  And joining Michael are Stephen Avis and Robin Smith as two new council members!

View the final Humboldt County Election Night Results here.

Have I mentioned that We are having a party?

So I think we have something to celebrate!

Date: Sunday, November 11

Time: 2 to 4:30 pm

Location: Ferndale Community Center at 100 South Berding Street, Ferndale


Live music by Tim Randles’ RLA band with singer Paula Jones!

We hope to see you ALL there!   Please consider wearing your Indivisible Ferndale shirts because . . .

Together, We are Indivisible Ferndale!


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One Response to Oh, What a night . . .

  1. Michael Sweeney says:

    I want to thank all of the Indivisible Ferndale folks who supported my campaign for mayor (as well as many who may not be a part of IF). Not only did I receive lots of personal and moral support for my candidacy but many people donated their time completing post cards, writing letters to the editor, canvassing and donating and displaying campaign signs. I will be forever grateful for all this support.


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