Only 6 days left . . .

That’s right!  Only six days left until the midterm elections and the suspense is killing us.  Barb and I just finished our mail-in ballots today and will be turning them in at the fairgrounds on Tuesday.   Especially for this election, we just don’t want to leave it up to the US Postal Service.

So . . . Don’t forget to vote!



If Election Day is just six days away, that must mean that November is upon us.

View the calendar page here.

View the actions page here.


Indivisible Ferndale’s Post Election Party!

We have much to celebrate this year and Indivisible Ferndale is planning a party.

Date: Sunday, November 11

Time: 2 to 4:30 pm

Location: Ferndale Community Center at 100 South Berding Street, Ferndale


Live music by Tim Randles’ RLA band with singer Paula Jones!  Listen to the band here.

We will be inviting all of our Democratic and Progressive friends across the Humboldt Nation to join us.  Please RSVP here.

An urgent request from Stuart

The CA State Democratic Committee is preparing to elect a slate of delegates for next year’s CA State Democratic Convention. The delegates are elected by district. Every registered Democrat is allowed to cast a vote.  Currently there is only one polling place in our district located in Santa Rosa. This location is too far away for most of us to be able to vote in person, which is required for this party election. The elections are usually held in more than one location since our district is so large, and votes have to be made in person. By scheduling the election to take place in Santa Rosa, it will be difficult for most Democrats from Ukiah northward to place a vote.

A group of local Democrats in Humboldt County are working to establish a second voting location in Eureka, and would like you to sign a petition supporting this position. 

 Go to for more information on Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEM) and other information regarding the operation of the California Democratic Party (CADEM) organization. 

Also, please call (805)206-7809 and/or email Debra Broner of the 2nd District: , with a cc to Eric Bauman – to let them know of your opinion about establishing a second location in Eureka for the election.

This decision has to be made by the district committee by November 1, 2018, so urgent action is required.

An urgent message from Jackie

Two Administration Actions That Harm Children: Get Informed & Take Action

Public Charge: An Attack on Immigrant Families

On October 10, the long-anticipated “public charge” proposed rule was published in the federal register for a 60-day comment period. The proposal would penalize immigrant families who seek assistance meeting their basic nutrition, health care, and housing needs. If enacted, it would make immigrant families afraid to seek programs—such as Medicaid and SNAP—that help them stay productive and raise thriving children.

This proposal puts the health and wellbeing of millions of children at risk. To learn more about the public charge proposed rule and its impact on children, please read CLASP’s new factsheet Public Charge: A Threat to Children’s Health and Wellbeing.

This proposal will have a major impact on young children and early childhood programs. To help early childhood providers and advocates better understand “public charge,” we have created an explainer for the early childhood field. Read our new Q&A: The Proposed Public Charge Rule & Young Children. If you have additional questions, please send them to and we will update the document!

Speak out against public charge. Next week, CLASP will share template comments written especially for the early childhood field. These will highlight the detrimental impacts of the proposed rule on children’s development. Please get your  organizations ready to take action when the template becomes available! Comments are due December 10Individuals can submit comments today on our user-friendly portal . 

For more information, see all of our Protecting Immigrant Families campaign resources at Learn how you can connect with the campaign by joining our listserv, becoming an active member, and/or sharing a personal story.

Flores Regulations: Justifying Immigrant Family Detention 

Take action now! On September 6, the Trump Administration issued another proposed rule that would harm immigrant children and families.

The “Flores” rule would allow immigrant children to be jailed with their families indefinitely. This proposal disregards the needs of children putting it at odds with decades of research on child wellbeing. Individuals can submit comments now at If your organization would like to submit more detailed comments, please use our template comments designed for children’s groups. You can also view CLASP’s draft comments here. Comments are due November 6

Thank you for standing up for children! 

Together, We are Indivisible!



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