Only 13 days until Election Day . . .

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About 150 Humboldt Democrats filled the Sequoia Conference Center last Saturday for the annual Democrat of the Year dinner and the awards ceremony.  Thank you, Humboldt County Democrats, for bestowing the honor of “Democrat of the Year” on me, but more importantly on Indivisible Ferndale.

Check it out, Indivisible Ferndale has been entered into the Congressional Record by our Congressman Jared Huffman!  How awesome is that?

I was not the only one honored.  I shared the honor with Heidi Benzonelli-Burden who is responsible for transforming the shuttered Jefferson Elementary School in Eureka into the new Jefferson Community Center and Park.  To learn more about amazing community project, go here.

Check out photos from the Democrat of the Year dinner here.

Save the date: Indivisible Ferndale’s Post Election Party!

We have much to celebrate this year and Indivisible Ferndale is planning a party.

Date: Sunday, November 11

Time: 2 to 4:30 pm

Location: Ferndale Community Center at 100 South Berding Street, Ferndale


Live music by Tim Randles’ RLA band with singer Paula Jones!  Listen to the band here.

We will be inviting all of our Democratic and Progressive friends across the Humboldt Nation to join us.  Please RSVP here.

Four packs of postcards sitting in a box . . .

Sing along to the tune of “Five Little Monkeys.”   That’s right, we still have four packs of postcards sitting in the box on our porch.  They are VERY lonely and would like to go home with a nice IF member.   Could it be you?   These postcards REALLY need to be written and posted soon!   Did I mention that Election Day is only 13 days away?

From Corrie’s kitchen to your table

IF member, Corrie Pedrotti, REALLY wants to go to D.C. and attend the third Women’s March on January 19, 2019.   She came up with a great way to fund the trip and make the rest of us some delicious meals.  Barb and I have already purchased two items from the October menu.   Each item is only $15.   You can’t buy any more local than your neighbor across the street!

Check out the apple galette above.  It was mah-velous!   Here’s the menu for November.  Each item is $15.  You can even give more if you like.

  • butter horn dinner rolls
  • pumpkin pie
  • 6 inch Chocolate Mousse pie with mocha cream topping

Here’s Corrie’s menu form.  Send your order via email here.

Together, We are Indivisible!




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