More Fair photos and meeting notes

Get Out The Vote at the Fair

After finishing up their Fair booth duty last night, Joe and Kerry were stopped by a young man who saw the In Our America sign they were carrying and wanted to know more.  From the conversations I’ve had with several IF booth volunteers, this year people are asking more questions about Indivisible, the midterms, the candidates and the issues.   This is a good thing and an opportunity to encourage folks to Get Out To Vote!

Check out more Fair photos in the sidebar here.  Thanks for the GREAT photos, Karen!

During your booth duty, don’t forget to take a selfie at the booth.  You can send your photos to our website.  Thanks!

Followup notes from our general meeting

Yes on Measure K: The Sanctuary Initiative

Jackie and I discussed Measure K on the November ballot.  Measure K is referred to as the Humboldt County Sanctuary Initiative.  You can find out more about this initiative on the Facebook page “Yes on Measure K.”

If you are interested in volunteering to support Measure K, the North Coast People’s Alliance is “planning phone banks at the Labor Temple at 6 p.m. every second and fourth Monday through Oct. 31, and possibly more frequently as Election Day nears. This is a bring your own phone event. We’ll have paper scripts and call sheets tonight, but we’re hoping to offer electronic options, as well as paper, soon for people who would like to bring their laptops or tablets.”

SB 1029: Great Redwood Trail

During the general meeting, Stephen shared information about SB 1029: Great Redwood Trail Act that was authored by State Senator Mike McGuire.  This bill, which has already passed the State Senate, would create a 300 mile long trail through the Eel River Canyon along the North Coast Railway right of way.

Read a San Francisco Chronicle article on the Great Redwood Trail here.

In order for this trail to become a reality, it needs funding now to erase the debt incurred by the North Coast Railroad Authority.  Governor Jerry Brown can make this happen if we call with our support.

Action: Call Governor Brown tomorrow and ask for his support of SB 1029.   Follow Elizabeth Conner’s script here.

Become a Watchdog

During our BBQ and Chat with Congressman Huffman back in June, Jim and Kathy Moore took a few minutes to address the group and explain a community volunteer program to provide added security for our schools.   Volunteer teams will be monitoring the school grounds during school hours.   Read more about the program here.

School in Ferndale will begin on Monday, August 27.  If you are interested in joining this volunteer effort or would like more information, please call Jim or Kathy Moore at 786-9018 or send an email here.


More Fair photos to come.  Stay Tuned!

Together, We are Indivisible!








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One Response to More Fair photos and meeting notes

  1. Jennifer Raymond says:

    Thanks to everyone who volunteered at the fair, and thanks for the great photos of the event. I am so appreciative of all you wonderful folks, and grateful for your passion and the work you are doing.


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