Indivisible Ferndale Updates for August

Check out Indivisible Ferndale’s “Volunteer” page

There is a new menu item on our IF website entitled “Volunteer.”  On this page, you will find information on IF volunteer activities.  Currently, this page shows two activities: Humboldt Democrat’s booth duty roster and a form for getting involved in Democratic campaigns across the state and nation.

Go directly to the “Volunteer” page here.

Indivisible Ferndale at the Fair

Today is Day One of the Humboldt County Fair and both Indivisible Ferndale and Fortuna are sharing a “double wide” booth with the Humboldt County Democrats!   Thank you to 29 IF members who will be supporting the booth over the next 10 days.   Thank you to the Humboldt County Democrats for providing us with the space.  Special BIG Thank you to Susan Diehl-McCarthy for creating ALL the IF collateral including stickers, banner, business cards and a beautiful large informational card.  Susan was also responsible for the “iron on” IF logos on members’ T-shirts.  Wow!

One last BIG Thank you to Chris and Bruce for decorating the booth and organizing our involvement.  Chris wrote up some directions for working at the booth on the registration table.  Read the directions here.

Indivisible Ferndale has a blue bin against the back wall on the left side of the booth.  You will find extra stickers, small and large cards there.  Indivisible Ferndale has a donation “can” with an informational statement.  When you shift is over, please collect any donations and take them with you.   Barb and I will collect any donations when we return next week.  Lastly, both groups have “scrapbooks” filled with photos and informational sheets to aid you in explaining who we are and what we are doing.

I have a favor to ask: Please take a selfie while you are working at our booth.  I will post them on our website as soon as I receive them.

See you at the Fair!

Support Tom Ford’s Ride to Find a Cure to Type 1 Diabetes

As I mentioned during our general meeting this past week, Ferndale’s own, Tom Ford, will be riding his bike in Death Valley this fall in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.  You may know Tom from his many years as a paramedic and a member of the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department.  Tom has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 40 years.

Tom knows what it means to give to his community.   Now it’s time for Tom’s community to help him reach his goal.

Follow this link to donate directly to Tom’s ride today!

We are ALL about community.  Together, We are Indivisible!

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