The fight for “Our America” continues!

The fight for “Our America” continues at the local, state and national levels!  Do not be discouraged!  Do not give up!  You can take action today.

Read Robert Reich’s latest column “Don’t Give Up on Democracy!”



Indivisible’s 2-Step Strategy to Win the Supreme Court Fight

Go here to view Indivisible’s strategy to win the Supreme Court fight.   See what other Indivisible groups across the country are doing to fight back.

Here’s what you can do today!  We need to ensure that our senators hear from us this week.

Here’s the script:

Caller: Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from [part of state]. Can you please tell me what Senator ___ plans to do about the Supreme Court vacancy?

Staffer: Hello, nice to talk with you! The Senator plans to vote against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The stakes are too high.

Caller: Thank you! I’m very glad to hear that. Too much hangs in the balance to let Trump fill this seat with someone from his list of totally unqualified, extreme judges. That includes a woman’s right to choose, the Affordable Care Act, and marriage equality. I want Senator ___ to use every tool at his/her disposal to stop Trump from filling this vacancy with anyone on this list.

Staffer: Thank you, the Senator agrees with you. I’ll make sure they get your message.

Here are the phone numbers to call:

Call: Sen. Feinstein (D-CA): D.C. Office: (202) 224-3841; SF: (415) 393-0707; LA: (310) 914-7300;
Call: Sen. Harris (D-CA): D.C. Office: (202) 224-3553; LA: (213) 894-5000; Sacramento: (916) 448-2787

Fight Back California:  Help flip the CA7 Representatives in November

View a larger image here.

Ellen Tauscher is a former seven term member of Congress from California.   Ellen is heading up the PAC to win seven California congressional seats in November.

Democrats need 23 seats to take back the House. Seven of those districts are in California — won by Hillary Clinton, but held by a Republican member of Congress. The road to win the House — begins now — and runs through California.

Read a message from Ellen here about each of the Democratic challengers.

Take action today and donate here to the seven Democratic campaigns that can flip Congress!

Indivisible Ferndale’s July Calendar

Check out the IF Calendar and Action pages on this website for meetings and events to attend in July.  Pick a meeting or two and show up!

View the calendar here.

View the action page here.


Together, We are Indivisible!

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