We ALL Belong Together!

Eighteen members of Indivisible Ferndale joined by our friends, Indivisible Fortuna, marched alongside 2,000 demonstrators yesterday in support of “Families Belong Together!”   The overarching message during the rally and on the signs throughout the march was “We ALL Belong Together in OUR America!

The “In Our America” sign that has become Indivisible Ferndale’s core values statement rings true with so many people.  Many of us carry this sign during marches.


A BIG thank you to ALL who took the time to march with us!  Each march we attend reinforces the fact that each of us is NOT alone in our resistance to this nation’s current administration and their reckless disregard for human rights.  Together, We are Stronger!



For more information on what YOU can do to stop the inhumane treatment at our nation’s borders, go to the North Coast People’s Alliance website here.

On this website, you will find a number of actions that you can take to resist these border policy atrocities.


View more photos from the march on our website.

View more photos at the Times-Standard here.

View more photos and the accompanying story on the North Coast Journal here.

View more photos from 700 other marches held across America on CNN.com here.

Fourth of July Parade

Join the Humboldt County Democrats, Indivisible Fortuna and Indivisible Ferndale as we celebrate our nation’s birthday!   We had a great time last year participating in Ferndale’s parade.

We will meet at 9:30 am in front of Stephen and Jennifer’s home at 1057 5th Street to decorate our flatbed truck.  We will move to our parade position at 11 am.  The parade will begin at noon.

If you would like to march down Main Street with us again, Please RSVP here.

Together, We are Indivisible!

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1 Response to We ALL Belong Together!

  1. catharine67 says:

    Let us make a big showing this year. It matters more seriously than ever before. There are more of us.


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