A Great BBQ and chat with Jared

The sun came out.  The wind died down.   And we had one helluva BBQ at Bancrest Dairy! Did I mention that our Congressman, Jared Huffman, showed up to chat with us for an hour as well?

Thank you, Jared, for taking the time to share your observations on the current state of our federal government and answering our questions this past Saturday.   After Jared’s comments about the Indivisible movement, I feel a bit more optimistic that the Blue Wave is really coming.

BIG Thank you to MaryAnn and Pete Bansen for sharing their beautiful home and front yard with 50 of our good friends and neighbors.   Thank you to the Bansen’s for delicious Tri-tip and ice cream sundaes.   Thank you, Tom and Kathleen Bullard for delicious salmon.   Thank you Everyone for all the varied and delicious side dishes.

Thank you to the Hospitality committee (including Barbara Vernon, Kathleen and Tom Bullard, Dottie Riffenburg, Pete and MaryAnn)  for setting up the tables, chairs, drinks, decorations and appetizers.

Check out more photos from the event in the sidebar at our website and our Facebook page.

Become a Watchdog

Jim and Kathy Moore attended the BBQ and chat as well.   Jim took a few minutes to address the group and explain a community volunteer program to provide added security for our schools.   Volunteer teams will be monitoring the school grounds during school hours.   Read more about the program here.

If you are interested in joining this volunteer effort or would like more information, please call Jim or Kathy Moore at 786-9018 or send an email here.


And last, but never least . . .  Power Lunch

We came.  We ate.  We called!   Now, it’s YOUR turn!   The Eel River Valley Power Lunch met this past Friday, June 1 at Firemen’s Park in Ferndale.   Bruce and Chris Will, Lori Knowles, Barb Sopjes, Pete Bansen, Patrick O’Rourke and I made 150 calls to our state representatives and Members of Congress (as well as other state MOCs) on topics ranging from the protection of women’s healthcare clinics from the “Domestic Gag Rule” to supporting expanded background checks on gun sales to stopping the separation of families at the US border.

Now it’s your turn to “Make your voices heard!”   Here are the call sheets we used.  Don’t hesitate.   Call Today!

Please consider joining us at the next ERV Power Lunch

  • Date: Friday, June 15
  • Time: 12:30 to 2:00 pm
  • Location: Firemen’s Park, Ferndale

We hope to see you there!

Together, We are Indivisible!

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