Our event with Assembly Member Jim Wood is cancelled, but we will persist!

Hello all,

First, I really hate to do this, but . . .

Our “Chat with Assembly Member Jim Wood” is cancelled due to an out of state family emergency.   There will be NO event on Tuesday, March 27 at the Old Steeple.

March for Our Lives Humboldt

On a more positive note, Indivisible Ferndale participated in yesterday’s March for Our Lives Humboldt in Arcata.  About a thousand supporters showed up in the pouring rain and freezing wind to attend the rally and then march through downtown Arcata in support of our young people and an end to gun violence.   Special thanks to Kathleen and Tom Bullard for bringing their visiting daughter and family to the march.  Carolina Estrada, her daughter Sophia and two friends from Ferndale middle school also attended.   It was great to share this experience with the next generation.   They are our future!   Please visit our website here to view more IF photos from the march.

Speaking of photos, check out all the marchers and their signs:

I never thought I’d be recommending a bank here

Continuing on the gun control front, if you’ve been thinking about switching banks or financial investment advisors, maybe you should consider Citigroup.   Citigroup is establishing restrictions on the sale of firearms by its business customers.  Their “common-sense measures” include prohibition of firearms sales to customers who have not passed a background check or are younger than 21.   They are also prohibiting the sale of bump stocks and high capacity magazines.   Read more about the change a-coming here.

Grab your phone and make some calls!

From Elizabeth Conner’s summary this week: “In November 2017, Senator Feinstein introduced S. 2095, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2017. That legislation has been blocked by the GOP in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Let’s thank Senator Feinstein for introducing this bill, and Senator Harris for co-sponsoring it. And let’s also tell members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote this bill out of committee to the Senate Floor for a vote. Additionally, let’s call Democratics who’ve voted against sensibile gun laws in the past to ask them to vote to ban automatic weapons.”

All the summaries, phone numbers and scripts are contained on pages 3 and 4 right here.

Together, We are Indivisible!



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