Your homework assignment before we meet

Thanks to everyone who has RSVP’d for our general meeting this coming Tuesday.  If you are planning to attend and haven’t RSVP’d, please do so right here.  We ask you to do this so that our hospitality committee can provide the right amount of support to our hosts.  As of right now, 30 members will be attending.  Thanks!

Indivisible Ferndale General Meeting

  • Date: Tuesday, February 27
  • Time: 7 to 9 pm
  • Location:  Susan and Jim Aste’s home at 1199 Grant Street
  • Please bring a dessert and a drink to share

Cloverdale Indivisible rocks!

During our travels down below this month, we decided to drop in on a general meeting of our sister group, Cloverdale Indivisible.  What a great group of folks who made us feel right at home.   Vicky Groom, who ran the meeting, put us to work writing postcards to elect democrat Conor Lamb to Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional district.  Check out the “In Our America” sign.  We introduced the “values” sign to Vicky when we first met.  Now these signs are showing up all over Cloverdale!

View a message from Cloverdale Indivisible here.  You will discover that we all share the same values.   Did I mention that they like to march in parades too?



In Our America

And speaking of “In Our America” signs, we still have nine original signs left.  We will be bringing the signs to our general meeting Tuesday.   Bring $15 in cash or now you can write a check payable to “Indivisible Ferndale!”

And now for your homework . . .

Elizabeth Conner from the Power Lunch group will be our guest speaker this Tuesday.  Your homework is to open the call sheets for this week and make some calls.   Familiarize yourselves with the format and the issues.   There just might be a quiz.   And now, the call sheets!

Together, We are Indivisible!

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One Response to Your homework assignment before we meet

  1. blackdouglass says:

    I will be there on the 27th. Thanks for all your hard work John

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