How about an Eel River Valley Power Lunch?

On Thursday, February 8, Lori Knowles, Sue Foppiano and I took a “field trip” to Arcata.  Our mission: to experience firsthand Elizabeth Conner’s Power (to the People) Lunch.  What a beautiful day to call our Members of Congress (MOCs) and let ’em know what we are thinking.  Forty political activists comfortably crowded into Greg Moore’s home where he had prepared soup, fresh baked bread and delicious cookies to build up our stamina.

You should be familiar with Elizabeth Conner’s Call Sheets since I have been publishing them on this website for many months.  Elizabeth does an amazing job of researching legislative issues and summarizing the main points.  In addition, she writes concise scripts to deliver to MOCs in California and beyond.   She even includes Republican senators and representatives.  And most importantly, she provides the MOCs’ names and various office phone numbers.

Lori and Sue enjoying lunch with other Power Lunch members.

As you enter, Elizabeth asks you to select one of three pages of current issues that you will use for your calls.   After a brief overview, everyone grabs their cell phone with earbuds and either stays in the main room or heads outside to make their calls.  It was a very powerful experience.  Forty individuals spending an hour placing an average of 20 calls to MOCs on issues we all care about.  The final tally: 560 calls!

And as an added bonus, we met and recruited Barbara Sopjes from the Ferndale area to join Indivisible Ferndale.  Check out more Power Lunch photos here.

I have asked Elizabeth to join us this month at our Indivisible Ferndale general meeting and provide an overview of her program.   My hope is that we can replicate the Power Lunch in the Eel River Valley including Loleta (that’s where Sue calls home) and our Indivisible Fortuna friends.

From the North Coast Journal this week, a letter to the editor in support of the Power Lunch.

And last, but NEVER least, the Power Lunch Call Sheets

Now it’s your turn to make some calls to MOCs.   Here are the Power Lunch call sheets from February 8.   Pick an issue or two and take the time to make the calls.  You will be glad you did.

Together, We are Indivisible!

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One Response to How about an Eel River Valley Power Lunch?

  1. catharine67 says:

    Thank you. I’m going to make some calls.


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