February is here and it’s time to “Step it UP for 2018!”

Hey Indivisible Ferndale!  February is here.  Our theme for 2018 is “Step it UP!”  We need all of you to be involved and participate in our meetings, events and actions.  Let’s get started!

View our list of actions here.

View our calendar here.

Please plan to attend one or more public meetings this month: City Council, CR Board of Trustees, FUSD School Board, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.


Humboldt County Sanctuary Ordinance Training this Saturday

I received this message from Courtney Blake, North County People Power, asking for Indivisible Ferndale’s participation at the next meeting of the Humboldt County Sanctuary Ordinance.  Courtney wrote:

“A group of about 30 of us, representing about 10 local activist groups, met to launch our project to secure passage of the attached Humboldt County Sanctuary Ordinance. Neither Ferndale Indivisible nor Fortuna Indivisible was represented, but I hope that both groups will participate in our future activities.

On January 17th, we filed our Notice of Intention to Circulate the ballot initiative and we expect to have the County Counsel’s Title & Summary response in the next few days. Through February, we will be holding press conferences, publishing the measure and organizing our signature gathering, which we will conduct during the months of March and April. We hope to gather upwards of 6,000 signatures.

Since many of the businesses in the Ferndale/ Fortuna area are dependent on immigrant labor, and since the vigorous presence of the Indivisible groups in the area demonstrates commitment to human rights and dignity, we hope there will be support in these communities for our efforts to pass this ballot measure in November.”

Since Lydia and Jackie are out of town this weekend, I plan to attend to represent Indivisible Ferndale.  If you are interested in attending, please call me at 786-7172 to carpool.

  • Date: Saturday, February 3
  • Time: 4 to 6 pm
  • Location: United Congregational Christian Church Social Hall, 900 Hodgson St., Eureka
  • View the ordinance here.

Run, Serve, Lead this Sunday

At our January potluck, I asked you to sign up for a committee.  Fifteen of you did just that!   Eight of you signed up for the Campaign committee.   “Run, Serve, Lead” is the perfect primer to learn how you can support our candidates in 2018.   Six Indivisible Ferndale members have signed up.   It’s not too late to join us this Sunday.  You can call me at 786-7172 or email me here.

Date: Sunday, February 4

Time: 1 to 3:30 pm

Location: Multigenerational Center, 2280 Newburg Road, Fortuna

Thank our MOCs for standing up for the Dreamers

We are so fortunate to be living in Northern California where our Members of Congress actually support our values.   Senators Feinstein and Harris and Congressman Huffman stood up for our Dreamers and refused to give in when it meant the government would shut down.   But the fight’s not over!   Call your MOCs and thank them for “holding the line.”   I’ve aleady called.  Now it’s your turn.  This action really matters.   Tell them you are calling from Indivisible Ferndale.

Call each of our Members of Congress (MOCs) and thank them for fighting for our dreamers.

Senator Feinstein: 202-224-3841 (If you get voicemail, stay on the line. Your call will be answered)
Senator Harris: 202-224-3553
Congressman Huffman: 202-225-5161

Use this script.

Hello! My name is ___ and I’m calling from Indivisible Ferndale, 95536. I wanted to thank [Congressman / Senator] ___ for voting against the CR that didn’t include the Dream Act. Dreamers deserve members of Congress who will stand with them and use their power to protect them from the Trump deportation machine. I am proud that [Congressman / Senator] used [her / his] power to do so. Thank you!

And last, but never least, the Call Sheets

In addition to making the three calls above, here are the call sheets from Elizabeth Conner and her Power to the People Lunch.

I have invited Elizabeth to join us at our next Indivisible Ferndale Meeting.  Elizabeth will be providing us with an overview of this program and how we might be able to “clone” her Power Lunch in the Eel River Valley.

Our February Indivisible Ferndale group meeting will be:

  • Date: Tuesday, February 27
  • Time: 7 to 9 pm
  • Location:  Susan and Jim Aste’s home at 1199 Grant Street
  • Please RSVP here.

Together, We are Indivisible!

ps. If you missed the video on Indivisible Ferndale’s accomplishments for 2017 entitled “The Revolution Starts Now!” , you can view it here.


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