Step it UP in 2018!

Thank you to all who attended our kick off meeting entitled “Step it UP for 2018!”  Over 40 Indivisible Ferndale members enjoyed another outstanding potluck meal.

First up was our guest speaker, Connie Stewart, Executive Director of the California Center for Rural Policy (CCRP).   Go here to find out more about the CCRP and its mission.

Connie presented some very compelling data on the state of the Humboldt Nation.  The hope is that Indivisible Ferndale can use the data shared to aid us in making decisions on where to focus our attention on local and state policy legislation.

View Connie’s presentation here.

View Ferndale specific data here.

After Connie’s presentation, we reviewed Indivisible Ferndale’s accomplishments in 2017 from our beginnings at the first Women’s March to this year’s march.  Watch the video below.   The soundtrack was written and performed by Steve Earle.   View the lyrics here.

Step it UP for 2018!

Stephen shared the work of the Indivisible Ferndale steering committee (Lydia, Jackie, Karen, Jeanne, Barbara, Stephen and myself) in the form of a 2018 mission statement, goals and objectives.  Read our “Step it UP for 2018” mission here.

Community Committee Report

Next up was a report from the Community committee lead by Lydia and Jackie.  This committee’s mission statement is “Improve governmental policies and take action to support vulnerable and disenfranchised groups in our community.

To accomplish this mission, Lydia and Jackie want to increase their committee’s membership.  In addition, the committee wants to hold another Rapid Response Training here in Ferndale during  the month of February.   To find out more about the training, go here.  If you are interested in attending, please let us know here.  Pete, Mary Ann, Jim Stretch, Jackie and I are planning to attend.  Join us!

Representation Committee Report

Karen Burkhardt reported out on the Representation committee whose mission statement is: “Be involved and participate in local government, state government and federal government. Through grassroots advocacy, practice a progressive and balanced approach focused on fairness, inclusivity and respect for the environment. Resist the implementation of policies of racism, authoritarianism, and corruption.”


To accomplish mission, the committee is looking for IF members who would be interested in researching and reporting on the following topics to the committee: education, Social Security and foreign policy.  If you are interested, send an email here.

New Indivisible Ferndale Committees for 2018

Here’s where we REALLY need IF members to Step it UP for 2018.   The steering committee has identified FOUR new committees which are needed to accomplish our goals in 2018.   These new committees include:

Nonprofit development: Indivisible Ferndale has just become a 501(c)(4) nonprofit!  Help us develop our bylaws.

Fundraising: Now that we have become a nonprofit, it’s time to start raising money to achieve our goals.  Help us develop fundraising activities and events.

Power Lunch:  Are you interested in setting up our own phone bank to make calls to our representatives on issues of importance to our community?  Help us set it up!

Campaign: There are several local and state elections this year that need our support.  Help our candidates win!

If you are interested in joining one or more of our existing or new 2018 committees, please send an email here or call me (John) at 786-7172.

Last, but definitely not least . . .  Run, Serve, Lead!

Indivisible Ferndale and Fortuna and the Ferndale Enterprise are sponsoring a seminar where you can learn more about running for office or volunteering to support a local candidate’s campaign.   Eight of you have already signed up to participate in our new campaign committee.   This seminar would be a perfect training opportunity for you!  Barb and I along with four other IF members are already going.  Join us!

View the flyer here.



  • Date: Sunday, February 4
  • Time: 1 to 3:30 pm
  • Location: MultiGenerational Center, 2280 Newburg Road, Fortuna
  • RSVP here

Together, We are Indivisible!




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