Happy New (Blue) Year!

Hey there, Indivisible Ferndale!  Happy New and Blue Year!

2018 will be Indivisible Ferndale’s year of action: Local elections, Statewide elections, Support for our Latino community and continued Resistance against the Trump Agenda!

To that end, let us begin taking action by attending our local public meetings.   Plan to attend one or more meetings listed on our January calendar here.

Check the “Actions” page for January Indivisible Ferndale committee meetings and our one year anniversary party here.

To get yourself back in the “resistance” game, here are two recent articles to read:

A story from the San Francisco Chronicle on Gayle McLaughlin, the former mayor of Richmond who lead a “progressive coup” to unseat five members of that city’s council.   Gayle is now running for Lieutenant Governor.  She has been on the road campaigning.  Maybe we can get her to come to Ferndale.   Read the story here.

Our state Assemblyman, Jim Wood, recently wrote an OpEd piece in the North Coast Journal stating his perspective on SB 562 and how he is trying to lead the discussion on single payer healthcare for California.  I have already contacted Jim’s office requesting a meeting with Indivisible Ferndale this year.  Read the story here.

Together, We are Indivisible!

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