Walking the Walk in Eureka and more

This past Saturday, Mary Ann Bansen, Jim Stretch and I met at the Labor Temple in downtown Eureka with 11 members from the North Coast People’s Alliance (NCPA) to learn about Bonnie’s campaign and the “rules of the road” for campaign canvassing.

First, Stuart did a great job indoctrinating everyone into why Bonnie is the best candidate for the CR board, Area 1.

Next, we teamed up and headed out to our assigned walking areas armed with our “walking pieces.”  Our encounters with Eureka registered democrats were positive and engaging.  Many knew about the election and had already voted by mail for Bonnie.

One older couple had just returned home and found their ballots in the mail.  When they opened the voter information booklet, they were surprised that only ONE candidate had written a statement.  That one candidate was Bonnie.  The couple read Bonnie’s candidate statement and were impressed.  Two more votes for Bonnie!

Check out photos from the Eureka “Walking the Walk” on indivisibleferndale.org.

We need more volunteers to the walk the neighborhoods of Eureka.   If you are interested, please call Stuart at cell 323 251-2234.  Also, if you would like to volunteer to make phone calls to voters, please call Stuart.   The election clock is ticking!

Thank you, North Coast People’s Alliance!

A BIG thank you out to our friends at North Coast People’s Alliance who supported us during our Eureka canvassing on Saturday.  11 members from the NCPA walked the neighborhoods of Eureka with us even though they did not live within CR Area 1.  They understand that a vote for Bonnie is a vote for the betterment of our entire community!




Thank you, Indivisible Ferndale from Bonnie

A thank you note from Bonnie, our candidate for CR Board, Area 1:

Hello to all my Indivisible friends and their families and friends. I want to thank you all for your support with your hard work, money, and campaigning for me. You are a great group that is what this country is all about, democracy.  I hope I win in November, but regardless of the outcome, you have all made a difference in our communities to enlighten people about their local community college.  Thank you again, I love you all and count you as friends and neighbors. Bonnie



Bonnie and Dan’s Campaign made the front page of Sunday’s Times-Standard

Just in case you didn’t see it . . . Bonnie and Dan made the Sunday’s front page of the Times-Standard.  Read the story here.

Last, but not least . . . Your Name Here

We would like to add your name to the list below showing your support for Bonnie and her CR Board campaign.  Your name along with the others listed below will appear on Indivisible Ferndale’s website and Facebook page as well as Bonnie’s Facebook page.

If you would like to endorse Bonnie, please send an email with the subject heading “I endorse Bonnie”  to info@indivisibleferndale.org 

Together, We are Indivisible!

I endorse Bonnie!

Nereida Campos
Patrick O’Rourke
John Vernon
Barbara Vernon
Matt Knowles
Pete Bansen
Mary Ann Bansen
Martin Tubb
Sylvia Tubb
Melody Yates
Kerry Chartkoff
Joseph Chartkoff
Thomas Bullard
Kathleen Bullard
Jacqueline Cory
Donna McQueen
Jeanne Smith
Karen Burkhardt
Pat Lydon
Stuart Altschuler, MFT
Kate McCaffrey, MD
Edge Gerring
Mike Pedrotti
Corrie Pedrotti
Jude Hawk
Ruth Stretch
Jim Stretch
Mary Hamilton
Carol Bowden
Jere Bob Bowden
Kathryn Thornton
Meridith Oram
Vicki Bradford
Steve Bradford
Cheryl Seidner

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