Thank you, Indivisible Ferndale!

When Indivisible Ferndale met this past Sunday evening at Stephen and Jennifer’s beautiful home, we asked you again to dig into your pockets and help with Bonnie Deister’s campaign for CR Board of Trustees, Area 1.  And once again, you delivered!  We raised an additional $470!  Thank you, Indivisible Ferndale!  I feel so privileged to be a part of this amazing group of people.

If you were unable to attend our potluck and meeting, but still would like to donate to Bonnie’s campaign,  please go here for more information.

Reminder: Congressman Huffman is visiting Indivisible Ferndale tomorrow!

U.S. Congressman Jared Huffman is arriving at Stephen and Jennifer’s home tomorrow to chat with Indivisible Ferndale.   Don’t miss this very special event.

Date: Wednesday, October 18

Time: 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Location: 1097 Fifth Street, Ferndale


Time for a change at College of the Redwoods

And just in case you missed it . . . Mary Ann Bansen’s letter to the editor in support of Bonnie was published today in the Times Standard.   Read the letter below.  Thanks, Mary Ann, for the great letter!

Together, We are Indivisible!

Updated: 6 hrs ago

Time for a change at College of the Redwoods

The College of the Redwoods Board is long overdue for a change. Trustees Coppini (Area 1) and Ross (Area 2) have been on the board for 20-plus years. In that time the following occurred:

1. Enrollment dropped by half from its peak.

2. CR almost lost its accreditation and closed a few years ago.

3. In 2015, a “Special Trustee” had to be hired to perform duties that Coppini and Ross were elected to do. Tom Henry worked for a year, at a salary of about $2,500 per month, getting CR back on track with President Smith. Why, after serving 20-plus years, did CR trustees have to hire someone to teach them their jobs? This demonstrates a lack of leadership and the inability to oversee the president of CR.

4. Fiscal mismanagement — the board voted to purchase a Garberville building costing about $200,000, and approved developing a campus for $1.5 million. This campus closed two years later. Trustees had been advised enrollment there couldn’t cover costs. Now the board may sell the property for $1.1 million (appraised value), a loss of nearly $400,000.

This is bond money you and I are paying on our property taxes. This is not how I want my tax money spent! I strongly urge you to vote for a change in College of the Redwoods Trustees — join me in voting Bonnie Diester for Area 1, and Dan Kelley for Area 2.

Mary Ann Bansen, Bancrest Dairy

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