Campaigns and Meetings and Fair, Oh My!

Welcome to September!  It’s 1 pm on Saturday, September 2 and the temperature in Ferndale is . . .  84 degrees!  Yikes!


Our calendar and action pages have been updated for the month of September.  Please check both pages for upcoming Indivisible Ferndale committee and group meetings as well as public meetings like College of the Redwood’s Board of Trustees meeting which is a perfect lead in to . . .

Bonnie for CR’s Board Seat, Area 1 Campaign

Indivisible Ferndale’s newest committee is Bonnie4CR!  Bonnie Deister is running for the College of the Redwood’s Board Seat, Area 1 on November 7.   Please check out her Facebook page which you can now reach at Many thanks to IF members, their friends, families and especially our Progressive friends throughout the Humboldt Nation.   Bonnie’s page received 70 “likes” and “followers” over the past week!

Just in case you don’t do Facebook, you can still keep up with her campaign by following her website at    Bonnie’s campaign is a perfect lead in to . . .

Indivisible Ferndale’s Next Group Meeting

We have scheduled our next Indivisible Ferndale group meeting for:

Indivisible Ferndale Group meeting (coffee and dessert)

  • Date: Friday, September 15
  • Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm
  • Location: John and Barb’s home at 1095 Cream Court

The focus of this meeting will be on Bonnie’s campaign and how you can help.  In addition,  you have the opportunity to meet Dan Kelley, who is running for the CR Board seat for Area 2.

Help Keep SB54 Alive!  And you did!

Thanks to Rob Christensen, Senator McGuire’s aide and Courtney Blake of North County People Power, we were notified that SB54 which is now entitled “Law Enforcement: sharing data” was hung up in the Assembly’s Appropriations Committee.  You were asked to make phone calls to each member of the Appropriations Committee and tell those members that you wanted the bill to continue.   Today, Saturday, September 2, the bill moved on to the Rules Committee.

Karen Burkhardt was one of those callers and she wrote yesterday to say:

“I spoke to Emily in Assemblymember Wood’s Sac office just now. SB 54 made it out of Assembly Appropriations Committee today and passed into Rules Committee. She said she thought the bill would not stay long in Rules Committee- and get to the Assembly Floor before end of Session in 2 weeks. She said the author could make it a 2 year bill at any time, and she seemed sure therefore, the bill would not die. If the Assembly fails to pass the bill , i.e. Amendments aren’t agreed upon before Session ends, as a 2 yr bill, the Assembly will pick it up when it reconvenes in January. If the bill doesn’t make it out of Rules Committee before end of Session, and it becomes a 2 yr bill, the Assembly Rules Committee will pick it up in February.”

Thank you to all who made the calls!   We are making a difference!

Indivisible Ferndale at the Fair

I want to thank ALL 26 Indivisible Ferndale members who volunteered at the Humboldt County Democrats booth at Fair over the past two weeks.   We had one or more IF members at the booth EVERY day!  I’m very proud to be a member of this awesome group of friends and neighbors.

And last, but never least . . .

The Weekly Call Sheets for September 1


Here’s your weekly message from the Power (to the People) Lunch group lead by Elizabeth Conner.   The Call Sheets for September 1 are here.  The Tips for Calling are here.

A message from Elizabeth this week regarding the bi-weekly call sheets:

“The issues in the Calls Sheets this week are:
1.     Oppose Sam Clovis’ Nomination to the USDA
2.     Yes on California S.B. 100 for a Zero-Carbon Energy Future
3.     Support New ‘Authorization for Use of Military Force’ for Afghanistan & Elsewhere
4.     Support CA A.B. 375: Restore Internet Privacy Protections
5.     Support S 1615 – The Dream Act of 2017
6.     Yes to Trans People’s Rights – No Ban on Transgender Troops

Except for 2 and 4, the issues are national ones and calls can be made from all over US. Please note on issue 5: As of this morning, 9-1-17, Trump has said he will make a decision by next Tuesday morning. So, these calls in support of Dreamers – or DACA recipients – are the most urgent. Along with calling to support the legislation, please also call the White House and Department of Justice comment lines to tell them you “support continuing the DACA program” (see script on call sheet). White House: (closes at 4pm ECT; 1pm PST) 202-456-1111; Department of Justice: 202-353-1555. (They are getting a lot of calls on this, and we can add to that deluge…so I hope you can call on this through the weekend and into next week). Remember, too, that 75% of Americans support the DACA program continuing.

All of the other calls can be made at least until the beginning of next week. All of the issues are also urgent, with 1 and 3 being most timely as potential votes or actions are coming up. Calls on 2 can be made for at least 2 weeks.”


  1. Pick an issue (or two) that speaks to you.
  2. Grab your phone and make some calls to our representatives or
  3. Grab a postcard or two and write to our representatives.

Together, We are Indivisible!



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