URGENT: Help Save SB54!

From our friend, Courtney Blake of North County People Power with a message from  Rob Christiansen, Senator Mike McGuire’s aide.  Senator McGuire urges us to take action Friday morning.

This is what we need to do tomorrow morning if we want to see SB54 meet with any success.  We need to CALL not email, the following nine democratic assembly members on the Assembly Appropriations Committee to ask that they vote to get the bill out of committee so that it can be brought to the floor for a vote.

Lorena Gonzalez  (916) 319-2080

Richard Bloom (916) 319-2050

Rob Bonta (916) 319-2018

Ian Calderon (916) 319-2057

Ed Chau (916) 319-2049

Susan Eggman (916) 319-2013

Adam Gray (916) 319-2021

Reggie Jones Sawyer (916) 319-2059

Eloise Reyes (916) 319-2047.

It’s only 9 calls. Please make them tomorrow morning!


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One Response to URGENT: Help Save SB54!

  1. patlydon says:


    I was making my calls to the assembly members and Assembly member Blooms office told me that SB54 made it out of Appropriations committee on a B roll call vote.

    Karen called Woods office and confirmed that it will then go to the Rules Committee and it can can still be made a two year bill by the bill author.

    It is not dead! Yahoo!

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