Fair Booth Duty Update and Bonnie’s Facebook Page

Fair Booth Duty Update

Barb and I visited the Humboldt County Fair on opening day, Wednesday, August 23 to deliver Indivisible Ferndale material and greet our first IF booth members, Pete and Mary Ann Bansen.  Although they only registered one new voter (one more democrat is ALWAYS a good thing!), Mary Ann mentioned that a number of people were interested in Indivisible Ferndale.


When it’s your turn to volunteer (IF booth duty list here) at the Humboldt County Democrats booth, you will receive a phone call from Barbara Carolan as a reminder.   If you are using the vendor passes located at Jeanne’s house (339 Shaw Ave.), you must park your car in the vendor parking lot (Free Parking!) on Van Ness Avenue.  Ask one of the parking attendants for directions to the Vendor entrance (NOT the main entrance).  Remember to keep your vendor pass and return it to the envelope on Jeanne’s porch when your shift ends.

At the booth, you should find some Indivisible Ferndale materials that you can use to explain who we are and what we are doing.   There is a binder filled with examples and photos.  There are Indivisible Ferndale prints of our logo with the website URL to give away.

While you are at the booth, please take a “selfie” and send it to John.vernon522@gmail.com I will post your photo on our website.


Bonnie Deister’s Campaign Facebook page

Bonnie is an Indivisible Ferndale member who is running for the Area 1 College of the Redwoods Board of Trustees seat in November.   We have formed a campaign team and will be posting more information about the campaign very soon.

I need your help so that I can create a short link (@bonnie4cr) to use on our campaign literature and mailings.   Please go to Bonnie’s Facebook page here and “like” it!   Once the page receives 25 likes, I will be able to create the short link.   Please do it today!   Thanks!

Together, We are Indivisible!




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