4 Days to Defeat TrumpCare: This Week’s To-Do List

We held a GREAT “Day of Dinners” last night!   Thank you all for your participation.  As always, it is inspiring to hear what each Indivisible Ferndale committee is doing month by month to make a difference in our community and our nation!   And, thanks again to Kathleen and Tom Bullard for sharing their beautiful new home with us!

Now this week’s work begins!  You heard Jeanne talk about the “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” Trumpcare health bill in the Senate that even the “president” says is “mean.”  You also heard Jeanne say that WE can add amendments to said bill.  Well, here’s your chance to directly influence the outcome at OurAmendments.Org.  Go here and add your very own amendment to the bill.

Read on to discover other ways in which we can help derail this “mean” piece of legislation.

Together, We are Indivisible!

No exaggeration: We’ve been at this 6 months, and this is the most important week in our fight against TrumpCare. Republicans are planning a vote THIS THURSDAY. But Republicans still don’t have the votes. This truly could go either way. This is the moment constituent power was made for. This is the time to stand up.

It’s imperative to keep up the pressure on your two senators. It doesn’t matter if your senators are Democrats or Republicans; we’ve got asks for both.

1Ask your Democratic senator to continue to resist by withholding consent on senate business. Tell them to object!

2Also ask your Democratic senator to try to bury TrumpCare in amendments. You can submit an amendment by visiting OurAmendments.Org.

3Call, visit your Republican senators’ regional offices, and hold sit-ins, to demand they oppose the bill. We have an updated script to get you started. Remember: ask for the right health care staffer when you call. If you don’t get through, send a follow-up email using our state-by-state email directory of Senate staff.

4Use our daily call scripts to call your senators and email their staff if you live in AK, AR, AZ, CO, LA, ME, NV, OH, PA, or WV. Visit TrumpCareTen.Org for more info. (Bonus points if you call your governor, too!)

Now that Senate Republicans have finally released the draft of their health care bill, we’re in the fourth quarter of this fight. Take a look at the story bank Texas groups have created to see what this could mean to real people. We’re not exaggerating when we say that TrumpCare could become law in less than a week. With a vote anticipated in 4 days, the only thing standing in Republicans’ way is YOU.

Make sure you also check out three new Indivisible explainers to combat the most common talking points we’re seeing from Republican Senators (because facts matter):

1The Senate Bill Fails People with Pre-Existing Conditions

2The Senate Version of TrumpCare = Higher Costs for Consumers

3The Senate Version of TrumpCare Destroys Medicaid As We Know It

We’re running a massive TrumpCare campaign right now because of you.

Wow. Last Thursday, we said we needed a few bucks to do additional outreach to target states to help bury TrumpCare using the filibuster-by-amendment strategy. We have been blown away by the response. With the donations you sent in, we’ve run thousands of these ads and we’re now up to nearly 20,000 amendments! We now have THOUSANDS of citizen-written amendments in key Republican target states. If you’re one of the ones who helped us get here, THANK YOU.


This campaign is not over. The fight this week is crucial. Indivisible HQ is gathering more amendments, targeting gettable Republicans, and supporting Democrats who are committed to throwing everything they have at this (and making sure they do indeed do that). If you want to help in our fight this week, you can kick in a few bucks so we can run more ads, do more outreach, and rush rapid analysis as Republicans reveal more elements of their awful anti-healthcare legislation.

Again, thank you thank you thank you for coming through, and so quickly. Know that we’re working long hours and putting every dollar you send to good use fighting this bill. We’re all TrumpCare all the time at Indivisible HQ right now—thanks for having our backs so we can have yours.

Awesome Indivisible Groups Doing Awesome Things

Over the last two weeks, Indivisible groups across the country have organized powerful events to make their voices heard about TrumpCare. MoCs are noticing—these actions are making a difference!

In Maine, groups across the state went to Senator Collins’ district offices to share their personal stories about how TrumpCare would impact them. According to her office, Collins “has a number of concerns” about the bill.


While Indivisible groups in Alaska were doing a sit-in at Murkowski’s office, the Senator said about supporting the bill: “I just truly do not know.”


Meanwhile, groups in Ohio piled into a bus to confront Senator Portman at a constituent coffee in DC. After he criticized the “arbitrary deadline” of voting on TrumpCare, they kept the pressure on by doing a sit-in at his office (we joined them!).


And because of the tremendous efforts by blue state groups, Democrats in the Senate began withholding consent last week! New York groups held a statewide day of action on Thursday to thank Schumer and to ask him to filibuster by amendment—they even presented his offices with their own citizen amendments.


Indivisibles all over the country are standing up now to fight this TrumpCare bill. Nobody knows which way the vote will go, but we all know that this is the do-or-die moment in the fight. We have less than a week to go, and we can win this. Remember, we are nearly six months into a Republican-controlled federal government, and Trump and Congress have failed to deliver on their promise enacting TrumpCare. They’ve failed so far because your Indivisible groups, along with folks all over the country, have been standing up and speaking out.

Keep standing indivisible, and we will win.

In solidarity,

Leah Greenberg

Co-Executive Director

Indivisible Project

www.indivisibleguide.com | Donate

pastedGraphic_6.pngIndivisible is a project of The Advocacy Fund, a 501(c)(4). Donations are not tax deductible.

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