Loud. And clear.

Last night’s noise level from the truck show and the accompanying lack of traffic direction at a primary intersection after a testosterone-fueled event at which alcohol was served points to the need for a citizenry organized beyond the obvious need to show up at the June 21st city council meeting.

This issue needs a resident of the City of Ferndale to take a leadership role. And one of his or her first duties is to assemble a briefing prior to June 21st.

Step forward someone. We’re Indivisible. We’ve got your back.


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One Response to Loud. And clear.

  1. allisonbay says:

    I agree. I opened the front door 15 minutes ago and the announcer yelled to the
    crowd, “the noisier you are, the more they will keep coming!” We live “only” one
    mile away.
    A doe ran or skittered down our street, our cats went under the deck. What
    happens to the animals at the fairgrounds or Jennifer Raymond’s horses? Oh, I
    forgot. It is not about us. The stands are packed. Give me a Bud.

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