Monster trucks, noise & the law

monster truckAS WE WERE TOLD when the City Council voted 3-2 not to support the Latino community against gratuitous harassment regarding immigration status, “We are a nation of laws. We have to abide by the laws. We cannot pick and choose the laws we will obey or enforce.”

This weekend may present an interesting opportunity to test that statement of legal commitment. Friday and Saturday nights at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds, a monster truck rally will be held.

There may be noise.

And if there is, a city ordinance (i.e., a law) is being broken.

The City of Ferndale ordinance says:

It shall be unlawful for any person to make, continue or cause to be
made or continued, within the limits of the City of Ferndale, any
disturbing, excessive or offensive noise which causes discomfort or
annoyance to any reasonable persons of normal sensitivity residing in
the area.

Action: If  you experience disturbing, excessive or offensive noise on Friday or Saturday night, call the police (and leave a message) saying as much. It might also be wise to also call and leave a message at City Hall (786-4224),  just for, you know, back-up.

Here’s why we give a damn: the residents of the City of Ferndale were not included in the discussion or the decision to permit this kind of entertainment to occur within the boundaries of the city limits.  This decision was made by a group of people who, save one, do not reside in the Ferndale city limits.

Secondly, if this event does produce disturbing, excessive or offensive noise, and the ordinance is not enforced, then — as Robert Pirsig writes, “….either the [ordinance] or the [police] has to be replaced.”

Because we cannot pick and choose the laws we obey or enforce.

So, if it’s noisy, call.

And if you are affected negatively by this type of event, plan to attend the City Council meeting at City Hall on June 21 at 7 p.m.  A discussion and review of this ordinance is on the agenda.




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3 Responses to Monster trucks, noise & the law

  1. Great post Wendy! You might wish to add that if you are one of the citizens of Ferndale affected by and/or concerned by the noise, please come to the next City Council meeting on Wednesday June 21st at 7:00 p.m. to speak on this agenda item.


  2. I want to join Wendy in encouraging folks to voice your concerns about this event, and about the flat track motorcycle races scheduled later in the summer. Call the police, call City Hall, attend the City Council meeting on June 21st.

    I am also thinking that contacting the Board of Supervisors to complain about the actions of the Fair Board, and asking for a more representative form of govenance for the fair would be appropriate.



    • Good reminders on the noise complaint calls. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the June 21st council meeting…please encourage your more conservative and middle-of-the-road neighbors to also join in the complaint call process to police and city hall. Ask them to show up at City Hall, too! Good point about keeping the pressure on Board of Sups, too!


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