A Message from Indivisible and the Weekly Call Sheets

Yesterday was a sad day for all Americans as we watched the House Republicans vote to end the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a rushed piece of legislation that will continue to widen the gap between those who have the wealth and power and those who do not.

A Message from the Indivisible Mothership

But the battle is not over and there is more work to be done!  I received an email message this morning from the national Indivisible team.   Read it here.


  1. Go the national Indivisible website and their Facebook page.  See what they are doing.
  2. Consider making a donation to the national Indivisible group by going here.

In this message, there are three links to videos that are worth viewing:

In New Jersey, an Indivisible group delivered 36 confetti-filled balloons to Rep. Tom MacArthur’s office to represent his 36,000 constituents who’d lose coverage under TrumpCare.  Watch the video here.

In Virginia, an Indivisible group staged a “die-in” at Rep. Tom Garrett’s office to show him what would happen to his constituents if he voted for TrumpCare.  Watch the video here.

And nationwide, about 60,000 Indivisible members tuned in to the Facebook Live event  to ask questions about how to block TrumpCare 2.0.  This video is a recording of a live event from this past Tuesday.  Watch the first few minutes to see the actual folks who are behind the Indivisible movement.  There are obviously running on a “shoestring budget” with a printed copy of the map showing all 6,000 local Indivisible locations.  Watch the video here.

Nonprofit Status for Indivisible Ferndale

At our meeting last Saturday, we discussed how Indivisible Ferndale could become a 501(c)(4) nonprofit similar to the national Indivisible group.  This IRS designation would allow us the ability to raise funds for political action and be tax exempt.  Unfortunately, donations to the nonprofit would not be tax deductible.   We will be working out the specifics of this designation over the next month and present you with our findings at our June group meeting.

Weekly Calls Sheets

Lastly, here’s your weekly message from the Power (to the People) Lunch group lead by Elizabeth Conner.   The Calls Sheets for May 4 are here.  The Tips for Calling are here.


  1. Pick an issue or two that speaks to you.
  2. Grab your phone and make some calls to our representatives.

Here’s the message from Elizabeth Conner:

Thanks also to those of you who will call from home. We continue to take action!

As usual, you will find attached today’s Calls Sheets, and tips for making the calls. The issues in the Calls Sheets this week are:

·       Protect our National Monuments;

·       Demand Congressional approval for any military intervention;

·       Advocate for a special prosecutor and independent investigation of Trumps ties to Russia;

·       Support the Bridge Act, a bill to protect “DREAMers.”; and

·       Say no to giant media company buy of 39% of local TV stations.

All of the calls can be made at least until the beginning of next week. All of the issues are urgent, but there are no votes in the immediate future. One issue, last one above, is local to Humboldt County; the rest can be made from anywhere in US.

For those of you who call from home, I would like to hear – briefly – how your calls are going: which issues you called about, what you learned, if anything, and what worked or doesn’t work with the Call Sheets or scripts.

As a reminder, the Power (to the People) Lunches will be held on Thursdays now. Our next lunch will be on Thursday, May 11 at the usual time and place. Consequently, I will now be preparing the call sheets for Thursdays and will be sending them out on Thursday evenings rather than Tuesdays.

Keep up the Good Work!  This is what democracy looks like!

-Elizabeth Conner

PS As author of these documents, I assume full responsibility for any errors.  Given the volume of information and the speed at which things are moving, also note that although most of the content in the calls sheets is original, some bits and pieces are dropped in from varies sites and pages. These include, but are not limited to: The Hill; WaPo; NYT; Times-Standard; Wall-of-Us; National Nurses United; Rainforest Action; United We Dream; 5 Calls; Politico; Indivisible; Congress.gov; Senate.gov; Union of Concerned Scientists; ACLU; SPLC; Politico; Stand with Standing Rock; Sierra Club; Immigrant Legal Resource Center; Credo & Planned Parenthood.

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2 Responses to A Message from Indivisible and the Weekly Call Sheets

  1. wendyrcl says:

    I have another idea… since Trump just signed an executive order making it possible for churches to make contributions to candidates (and all donations to churches are tax-exempt), why don’t we just become a religion? What’s sad is that as soon as I thought of this joke, I realized that people are already doing it in earnest.


  2. 2017paula says:

    All 14 California Republican House Members just put a target on their foreheads by voting to repeal Obamacare and replace it with junk Trumpcare. Fired up and ready to fire them in 2018!


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