Phone Calls to Our Reps

Have you heard of Power (to the People) Lunch?  The Power Lunch, for short, is a committed group of over 20 folks in Arcata lead by Elizabeth Conner who meet weekly at the Arcata Playhouse to place phone calls to our Reps.  Elizabeth does an amazing job of gathering and summarizing information on current legislation at both state and national levels.   The summary documents are called the “Calls Sheets.”  She also provides a caller script.

When we attended Assemblyman Jim Wood’s Town Hall last month, he made a point of telling his audience to keep the cards, letters and phone calls coming!  He said it’s really making a difference at both the state and national levels.   Our voices are being heard!

Thanks to Indivisible Ferndale’s Terry O’Neal-O’Rourke, both Terry and I are receiving weekly emails with the call sheets and Tips for Calling Elected Officials.  Indivisible Fortuna has been using these Calls Sheets for almost two months.

To read a Lost Coast Outpost article on Elizabeth Conner’s Power Lunches, go here.

To read this week’s Calls Sheet, go here.

To read the Tips for Calling Elected Officials, go here.

The issues in the Calls Sheets this week are:

·       Keep U.S. Commitments to the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement;

·       Insist Congress Insist Trump must release his tax returns;

·       Say No to Big Media Buy of 39% Local Broadcasting;

·       Protect Funding for Special Education and Libraries;

·       Protect Funding for McKinney-Vento Homeless Grants program;

·       Support the Bridge Act – a bi-partisan bill providing a ‘bridge” for DREAMers;

·       Yes on California SB 562 to Provide Universal Health Care for Californians; and

·       Protect Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.


  1. Pick one or more issues and make some calls!   Personally, I’m going to focus on the last three: Bridge Act, SB562 and Planned Parenthood.
  2. When we meet this Saturday, share your calling experience with us.
  3. Are you interested in leading an Indivisible Ferndale committee that would focus on “Phone Calls to Our Reps?”  If so, send me an email or give me a call at 786-7172 prior to our meeting.
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