Meals on Wheels: not dead, just (potentially) wounded

What is up for chopping are the Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs) which fund many projects, including in some regions, portions of the Meals on Wheels budget.  But the major funder of the national program (35%) comes from the Older Americans Act (no word yet on how that program’s funding stands) and the Dept. of Health and Human Services (no word on what programs will be affected by its 18% proposed cuts). For a rosy side of the story, you can read the conservative explanation in the (smart-but-annoying-like-your-father-in-law-at-the-dinner-table-in-1968) National Review.

For the whole enchilada, get the facts from the Meals on Wheels website.

The uproar is a good lesson in responsible media: chaos is the power soup of dictators.  

The potential of what has been proposed will affect Meals on Wheels programs throughout the country: how much and where is not clear. Indivisible groups in areas that will be affected if these cuts are implemented have the responsibility of protecting their seniors and informing the constituency with facts and comparisons — and then dumping the public officials who voted “yes.” 

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