Wed., March 15, 7 p.m., Town Hall

Some of you may not be subscribers to the Ferndale Enterprise, so you may have missed this week’s lead story on the City Council’s plan to discuss our civic and ethical responsibilities at this week’s coming meeting.

The item–whether or not Ferndale’s police will cooperate with federal authorities (ICE) in detaining and deporting undocumented workers–is the direct result of a letter from Jim Aste, an attorney who is a Ferndale resident.

Jim’s letter is clear, concise, compassionate and simple.

And it draws a near-visible line in the sand. On the issue of immigration, the time has come for the stand-up.

In a town where every gesture is noted and remembered, Jim’s letter is a commendable act of individual courage.

The Eel River Valley needs to see that, as Jim wrote, we appreciate and support our undocumented friends and neighbors and their families. The City Council and the Ferndale Police need to see that there are faces–hundreds of familiar, recognizable faces–behind Jim’s words.

Many of us say, “I’ll be there when it counts.”

The count is Wednesday.

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