Will Ferndale speak up for its ag workers?


From yesterday’s Times-Standard:

Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills announced Thursday that the city’s police officers “will not become immigration officers.”

In an essay posted to his Facebook page and to the department’s blog, Mills wrote, “EPD will not stop, detain or arrest people because of their color, national origin, race or religion. That is unconstitutional, unlawful and wrong.”

Mills said the letter was both an expression of his personal beliefs and a method to highlight Eureka police stance on immigration enforcement policy.

A link to a page of the department’s policy manual in the letter showed the chief’s stance maintained current EPD standards that largely call for officers to refrain from arresting people solely on their immigration status.

“EPD policy says immigration enforcement is only conducted for ‘serious violations or investigative necessity,’” Mills wrote. “Detain an American citizen because of his/her religion, race, or national origin … welcome to the Federal Courts, where you will rightfully lose. Losing public money for minimal crime prevention benefit is bad business and furthermore bad policy.”

Full story on link at top.


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